Redistributed Components

This page describes Category C components as defined above: components that are redistributed with Saxon in binary form, without alteration.

Saxon on Java



Saxon-EE, on both Java and .NET, includes the ASM bytecode generation library. The code is issued without modification, except that on .NET it is cross-compiled to .NET IL form.

The license can be found at

Applicable notice: ASM.txt

Saxon on .NET

IKVM Runtime

See Can be downloaded from Saxon links dynamically to this DLL.

License is at

Applicable notice: FRIJTERS.txt

OpenJDK Classpath

The copy of OpenJDK Classpath released with Saxon on .NET is a derived from the version that is released as part of IKVM Runtime (see above). This in turn is derived largely from the Sun OpenJDK distribution, together with some components taken from the Red Hat IcedTea library, compiled into CIL code using IKVMC. Saxon 9.1 uses IKVM, which in turn uses OpenJDK 7 b13.

Saxon distributes only the parts of this library that are actually needed. These parts have been rebuilt from source code, but no source modifications have been made.

Saxon links dynamically to this DLL.

The license conditions are at (This is a modified variant of the GNU Public License version 2, with a special clause allowing it to be used as part of a product that is not itself open source.)

Applicable notice: GPL+CLASSPATH.txt

Apache Xerces

Rather than distributing the Sun version of Xerces that comes with the OpenJDK library, Saxon instead distributes the Apache version of Xerces. (The two versions have diverged considerably. The Apache version is used because it is considered more reliable and is also easier to integrate because it does not have unnecessary dependencies on other parts of the JDK library.)

The two Apache JAR files xercesImpl.jar and resolver.jar have been cross-compiled to IL code using the IKVMC compiler, but are otherwise unmodified.

The license conditions for Xerces are at

Applicable notices: APACHE-XERCES.txt, APACHE-RESOLVER.txt


Supporting the saxon:parse-html() extension function, the code of TagSoup version 1.2 is included in the Saxon-PE and Saxon-EE distributions on .NET. Apart from cross-compiling from Java bytecode to IL code, the code is unmodified.

Information about TagSoup, including links to the download location for source code, is available at

The license conditions for TagSoup are at

Applicable notices: APACHE-TAGSOUP.txt