Lists and forums for getting help

If you have a general question about XSLT or XPath programming, that is not specifically related to Saxon, we recommend the xsl-list: check first that the query isn't already covered in the FAQ. The archives of the list can be searched at MarkMail. Other useful sites for XSLT information are and

Similarly, there are a number of help forums for XQuery: for details see the XQuery home page at The most active is talk at

More recently StackOverflow has emerged as the most useful resource for asking about all manner of XML-related (and other) topics. If the question relates specifically to Saxon, you can tag it as such and we will keep an eye open for it; but we won't go out of our way to track such questions to make sure they are answered promptly.

If you have questions specific to Saxon you can usually get an answer by raising them on the Saxon help list at You will need to register.

The preferred place for Saxon-specific questions and bug reports is the bug database and forum at This is also where you can search for details of known bugs. Saxonica monitors these forums and tries to manage issues through to closure (though again, without any contractual commitment or guarantees).