User Guide

This section outlines the key parts to this application - designed for rendering help documentation


This is the bar at the top of the app - it shows where you currently are in the hierarchy of the documentation, clicking items on this bar provides quick access to parent pages.


Located at the top-left of the app, the search box can be used to enter in a plain-text search term, press Enter or the search button to initiate a search.

A popup box shows the number of pages found with hits, the app will then navigate to the first page hit. You can now use the up/down buttons to see other pages with hits. All matching words will be highlighted in the rendered document until the popup is closed (by pressing the close button).

To perform a Java API search for a class or class-member, prefix the name of the search item with a '#' character, for example: #qualifiednamevalue. The name search is not case sensitive but the search term must match the whole name.

Collapse All

Pressing this button (adjacent to the search button) collapes the Tree-view


This provides a collapsable hierarchical view of the Table of Contents. Nodes are expanded or collapsed by either selecting the node itself (which may change the page selection) or the adjacent arrow icon

Page Up/Page Down

Buttons for this are placed at the right edge of the application footer. Note that the keyboard PgUp and PgDn keys serve the same purpose.

Touch Control

This app should work with any touch-enabled device. The layout is optimised for desktop or tablet devices in landscape orientation.