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  • Downloading Saxon-EE and Saxon-PE
  • Terms and Conditions
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  • Installing the Software
  • Obtaining Saxon-HE
  • Obtaining Saxon-CE
  • Earlier releases

  • Downloading Saxon-EE and Saxon-PE

    The downloads available from this site are listed below.

    Separate download files are available for Saxon on the Java platform and Saxon on the .NET platform. An additional download file (common to both platforms) is available containing documentation and sample applications.

    The latest release is Saxon, released on 13 Novemeber 2014.

    Saxon 9.5 is now considered the most stable and reliable release. The latest maintenance release of 9.5 is which was released on 31 October 2014.

    Saxon is packaged in three editions: Enterprise Edition (EE), Professional Edition (PE), and Home Edition (HE).

    The following versions of Saxon-PE and Saxon-EE are currently available. Click on the relevant link below to start the download.


    Saxon-PE Saxon-EE Saxon-PE Saxon-EE

    Saxon for Java

    download ZIP (3.5Mb) download ZIP (4.6Mb) download ZIP (12Mb) download ZIP (13.8Mb)

    Saxon for .NET

    download ZIP (5.5Mb) download ZIP (5.8Mb) download setup.exe (11.6 Mb) download setup.exe (11.9 Mb)

    Additional resources

    download (17.2Mb) download (18.9 Mb)

    Terms and Conditions

    By downloading the software, you agree to the terms and conditions published at (for use with a free evaluation license) or (in the case of paid-up licenses).

    Release Notes

    Details of all bugs can be found on the Saxonica community site. Bug reports and support requests can also be submitted there (clients who prefer not to do this in public are provided with a Saxonica email address to use instead.)

    To receive notification of new major and minor releases, please subscribe to the release announcements news feed. This is used only for routine announcement of new software releases.

    Details of changes in major software releases are included in the documentation.

    Installing the Software

    On the Java platform, the software is issued as a ZIP file which you can unzip into any suitable directory. The resulting folders will contain executable commands (net.sf.saxon.Transform, net.sf.saxon.Query, and (EE-only) com.saxonica.Validate) which you can use directly, as described in the documentation; as well as JAR files which you can place on the classpath of your Java application.

    On the .NET platform, the software is issued as an executable installation script which you should execute; it will prompt you for all required information.

    The software needs to be activated with a license key. You can apply for a free 30-day evaluation license, or you can purchase a license. The license key is delivered by email, and comes with its own installation instructions.

    Saxon can be used with any license key issued after 2 October 2013, unless special terms apply. Customers holding license keys issued before that date will need to purchase an upgrade. To purchase an upgrade, please buy the product as if you were a new customer, quoting the serial number of your existing license. A refund will then be given based on the date your existing license expired, as explained in the upgrade policy.

    In the event of any problems, please contact Saxonica Orders

    Obtaining Saxon-HE

    Saxon-HE (Home Edition) is the open-source version of the Saxon XSLT and XQuery processor.

    To obtain Saxon-HE, please visit the download page at SourceForge.

    Recent Saxon-HE releases can also be downloaded from Maven: see Maven Repository.

    Obtaining Saxon-CE

    Saxon-CE (Client Edition) supports XSLT 2.0 processing in the browser. The current release is 1.1, and the code is open-source.

    Earlier Releases

    Since release 9.2 the product, previously known as Saxon-SA, has been called Saxon-EE , reflecting the fact that there is now far more to the product than just schema awareness.

    For details of the main features introduced in earlier versions of the Saxon software, see the Change Log in the relevant section of the Saxon documentation.

    Older versions of the software are available to existing customers on request. Please contact us at Saxonica Support. These versions are no longer available for public download.